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Wellington Boots a British Institution

cheap welliesIf you regularly go walking off-track, work on a farm or keep horses you’ll already be a lover of these rubberised stalwarts of country fashion. When it’s muddy or you’re treading through any kind of dirt, soil, mud or shingle deeper than anything walk-able in shoes, you know you’ll be keeping your lower legs clean and dry thanks to that decent pair of Wellington Boots you have on.

Let’s face it residing in certain parts of the world with less than tropical outlooks means often enduring a climate which tends towards inclement and sometimes downright filthy weather. So be it a harsh winter or a lot of rain (both of which seem to be on the rise), it is certainly well worth investing in a good pair of Wellies.

Many festival participants find cheap wellies ideal summer footwear for fun, frolics and general cavorting around in. We’ve all seen or experienced festival sites more fit for pigs or mudskippers than people, with wet muddy fields and campsites putting a bit of a damper on things!

Fashionistas in wellingtons refuse to stay out of the media it seems and this is all year round, let alone when festival season begins, so if you don’t live in the country or have streams and snowdrifts to walk through you needn’t worry, wellies can be worn anywhere, anytime even to weddings or in the middle of the capital city on an evening.

Most wellington boots are the familiar tried and tested style however they do vary a fair bit through small detailing differences. There is now a huge range of diverse funky wellies, patterns, chunky treads, designer welly socks, wedge designs, plus thermal and waterproofing treatments from basic through to serious professional standards.

As mentioned earlier if you are from the country or look after horses then you will already know everything that there is to know about wellington boots. There are a great range of styles and designs to choose from if you’re looking to replace some old boots, or just like the idea of getting more modern with some new ones! Footwear manufacturers, shoes shops plus quite a few fashion labels now are cashing-in on the increasingly popular funky welly market so whether you are looking for some sensible protective boots or crazy looking funky wellingtons you are spoilt for choice nowadays!